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Hailing from Austria, genre-blending rockers STONETREE spin a riff-oriented
heavy rock infusion of explosive instrumentation, powerhouse vocals and refreshing production.

Formed in 2016 after the dissolution of Machine Zoo, STONETREE developed a style of riff-oriented, heavy rock music with a sound cherry-picked from alternative rock, grunge, stoner rock and prog rock elements.
Following the release of their debut album ‘The Tempest’ in 2017, the trio have gone from strength to strength, gaining a reputation for invading festivals and public places with ‘EVERTRUCK’, an old Volkswagen van transformed into a live stage.

During the pandemic lockdowns the group produced their follow up EP ‘VOID FILL’, followed by the production and release of ‘VOID FILL 2’ the next year. In teasing their follow up EP ‘VOID FILL 3’, the trio have released single ‘Green Mountain’, preceded by powerful offering ‘Love On The Run’,

where they navigate the toxic culture of social media and online dating in today’s fast-paced and modern world.

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