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Aktualisiert: 25. Juni 2021

did another great review of us. We would like to say THANK YOU again for these kind words.

Stonetree are coming back with another brilliant material that will appeal to all the admirers of an alternative rock sound. Stonetree are not strangers to these pages, and I previously had an opportunity to write an article about the first edition of Void Fill. These Austrian rockers decided to send me their latest recording, which serves as a continuation of the Void Fill. Just like a preceding material, Void Fill also contains four profoundly detailed alternative rock compositions that will knock your socks off. As soon as you grab this CD in your hands, you’ll notice a meaningful visual identity that carries a weird creature stuck between tree, wolf, and human during metamorphosis. The group follows nearly identical visual aesthetics like on their first edition of Void Fill and this imagery perfectly suits their music........readmore


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